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Bed & Breakfast in Italy
Bed & Breakfast in Italy is well established, widely known and very often preferred type of accommodation. In Italian 'bed & breakfast' may be often referred to as 'camere privati' (private rooms), 'case private' (private houses), 'camere in case private', 'camere presso l'abitante', and 'agriturismo' for those cases, in which B&B is offered in a working farm in the countryside. Italian bed and breakfasts come in all shapes and sizes. In large cities they may be discovered in 'palazzi' (small palaces), beautifully restored old-times homes with period furnishing, modern private flats. In smaller towns and in the countryside an Italian bed and breakfast may also occupy a former barn or farmhouse. In most cases these are private homes that reflect specific local architecture, culture and cuisine, which in its own right guarantees an enjoyable stay.
Bed & Breakfast in France
Bed & Breakfast in France is probably the best type of accommodation if one wants to enjoy in full the varied nature, history and culture of this enchanting country. In French 'bed and breakfast' is most often translated as 'chambres d'hôtes', though 'tables d'hôtes' is also quite common referring to guest houses and B&B in France, which besides breakfast, also offer dinner. Other not so popular terms in French are 'gites d'hôtes' and 'gites du passant'. Bed and breakfasts in France are as varied as the country is. They may be found in romantic 'chateaux' (small castles) along the Loire Valley, in Alpine-style cottages and 'auberges' (inns) in the mountains, countryside farms, luxurious flats in big cities, cosy private residences, and many more. The variety of bed and breakfasts in France will satisfy all preferences and budgets guaranteeing an enjoyable experience.
Bed & Breakfast in Netherlands
Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands is not a wide-spread concept. B&Bs may be discovered mainly in major tourist destinations. These are usually small-scale private homes intended for overnight stays and in Dutch are referred to as 'logies met ontbijt' or 'bed en ontbijt'. Very often the owners of Dutch B&Bs do not live on premises, which is quite well accepted by guests who prefer complete privacy. High-quality accommodation standards, stylish interiors and sumptuous breakfast are the industry-standard in bed and breakfasts in the Netherlands. A Dutch bed and breakfast is most often located in a traditional canal house or town house that date back to the 17-19th century, farmhouses and barns, cottages and country estates, monumental and fortified buildings. However, those who prefer more unusual settings may try the famous B&Bs set in authentic windmills and boat houses.
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